Phantom Phantasia

Phantom Phantasia is the sequel to Magical Masquerade and continues Felicity’s adventures in Fairyland, as she seeks to save it from the witches and the creeping darkness overwhelming the realm, while also trying to rescue the missing fairy folk.

Publication date: October 4, 2018 (launched at the rather fitting location of the Portrush Coastal Zone!). Like Magical MasqueradePhantom Phantasia is a children’s fantasy adventure novel for ages 9-12 (though readers who are slightly younger/older than this may also enjoy it!).

Available from: Amazon (print and e-book for Kindle):

Copies also available from: The Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre.


One kingdom.dfw-cs-pp-cover-small

Two secret missions.

Three adventurers hold the key.

Felicity has returned to Fairyland but discovers a kingdom in peril. Its borders weakened by the Enchanter’s experiments, the realm is slowly being consumed by dark magic and dangerous creatures.

When witches capture her family, Felicity soon finds herself on another adventure with Bob the brownie, one which takes them to the very heart of the ocean – and far beyond it. In the shadowy depths lies a mysterious object that could save them all.

The future of Fairyland is at stake – and time is ticking on …

‘Follow the sea and the mist and the moon,

Go fast as lightning – not a moment too soon.’


Magical Masquerade

Magical Masquerade is a children’s fantasy adventure novel for ages 9-12 (though readers who are slightly younger/older than this may also enjoy it!).

Publication date: April 30, 2017

Available from: Amazon (print and e-book for Kindle):

Copies also available from: The Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre, The Winding Stair Bookshop in Dublin and Books Paper Scissors in Belfast.

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Official launch date: Saturday, June 17 at the Belfast Book Festival 2017 at the Crescent Arts Centre, with an author reading, plus discussion and Q&A facilitated by The Faerie Thorn author, Jane Talbot.


One kingdom.dfw-cs-mm-cover-ebook

Two magical quests.

Three riddles will set her free.

Summoned by the Pebble People to a world which mirrors her own, but is full of hidden magic, Felicity must use her wits to survive.

Can she stop the mysterious smugglers causing mayhem in this darkling realm, and solve the Rhyming Riddler’s puzzles before she’s trapped here forever?

Befriended by Bob, a bookish brownie, and Hatchet, a kidnapped hobgoblin, Felicity soon finds herself lost in a shadowy kingdom cloaked in secrecy and enchantments. Her most startling discovery, however, is yet to come …

‘When she went to the beach one sparkling spring day,

She picked up a pebble … and it whisked her away.’


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Book reviews

‘This novel features a remarkable heroine who, despite the vicissitudes that confront her, is always unflappable and always indefatigable and tells a rich, dream-like story full of pin-sharp pictures and phantasmagorical creatures. The narration is deft, the language is clean, clear and bright, and the style is classical. Here is a work of which one can say, accurately for once, that it exemplifies the virtues that one associates with the golden age of children’s fiction.’
CARLO GÉBLER – author, playwright, creative writing tutor, academic and former Bisto Merit Award-winner.

‘Claire Savage creates a sparkling fantasy world as rich in charm and vibrancy as the best traditional fairy tales … yet her feisty heroine, Felicity Stone, is rooted firmly in the twenty-first century – no hapless maiden she! Young readers – or listeners – will take her to their heart as they follow her tortuous quest to solve the Rhyming Riddler’s cryptic challenge. Savage’s charming debut is a pacey and engrossing tale told with flair, warmth and charisma – a compelling new voice in children’s fiction.’
FELICITY MCCALL – YA author, playwright, arts facilitator and former BBC journalist.

Review credit: Ulster University’s McCrea Literary Award Panel.

“Savage’s novel for young people is imaginative, professional and engaging. With interesting characters and vividly-realised, ethereal locations it will enchant many literate children and may well become something of a massive seller. It is like a readable version of Inkheart.”

“Children’s novel for readers aged circa 9-12. Highly imaginative, there is a wide range of characters / creatures. The main character, Felicity Stone, is strong: providing ‘female agency’ and a character with whom child readers could identify. That’s a strong and positive aspect of the novel, one which a child reviewer has picked up on (reviewed online).”

Savage’s Magical Masquerade conforms to the conventions of children’s fantasy literature … the central female character is distinct and well drawn, and provides a strong role model for young female readers. The special world created here is convincingly realized, from setting and atmosphere through to the range of secondary characters.”


Emily Hearne, age 10 ¾, from Cork:

‘I really recommend reading this book as it is exciting and full of adventure.’ *****

“When I first received this book in the post, I was extremely excited to discover what sort of mystical adventures would unfold. After reading the first few pages, I knew it would be one of my favourites. I love how each page reveals something new and exciting.

“I loved all the characters but if I had to choose one, I would pick Felicity as she is brave, clever and would never let you down. I really recommend reading this book as it is exciting and full of adventure. I give it a 5* rating.”

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‘Pure magic!’ *****

‘This book is amazing! Although geared towards kids aged 8-12 years approximately, it will delight readers both young and old. If you like adventure, tales of fairies, brownies and enchanted kingdoms, then this is the book for you. The writing style is eloquent and a real page turner from beginning to end.

‘Claire Savage is a brilliant new author who seems to have drawn inspiration from the nostalgic fairytales of Enid Blyton and the adventures by C.S. Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia. However, she has an intoxicating fresh approach to writing that is unique in its ability to flow seamlessly from chapter to chapter. Her use of prose and poetry throughout, captivates the reader and helps them delve into an undiscovered magical world where all is not as it seems. A young girl’s quest for home and the truth, is both fascinating and perilous in equal measures. I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel and hope that there will be a sequel!!’  Mrs Joanne Vogiatzis


Abi Martin, age 7, from Coleraine:

“I love reading Magical Masquerade… It’s a great story with exciting adventures and I love how I will be able to visit the places in the book this summer with my mummy. I think it’s the best book I’ve read.”

Jonah Creighton, age 9, from Newtownards:

“Magical Masquerade is very descriptive. It feels like you are really inside the fairy realm. The characters are really good. I like the brownie Bob best because he has an awesome attitude! It is very original. I have never read a book like it!”

Sarah Brogan, age 11, from Newtownabbey:

“I like this book because you can’t really tell what is going to happen next. I also really liked the characters in this book – they are funny and friendly. My favourite character is Bob the brownie because he helped Felicity a lot. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and anyone who likes adventures and magic.”

Daisy Tappenden, age nine, from Scotland:

“I’m nearly halfway through Magical Masquerade and am really enjoying the book.”


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