MM at Culture Night Belfast 2017

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post but what time I have omitted in blogging, I have invested in reading (a lot!), plotting for book two and getting some other bookish bits and pieces sorted out. I hate to be cryptic but then again, I also dislike counting my chickens before they hatch so … while I had some great news this week regarding MM, I’m going to save that for a future blog until I’m sure that everything is sorted out. 🙂

There are also some events in the pipeline which sound exciting, but again, until things are confirmed, I’d rather hold off on any announcements until details are confirmed! What I can share though, is that Magical Masquerade will be featuring in this year’s Culture Night Belfast on September 22, so I’m really looking forward to that! CNB2017_Poster

During my stint at the event, I’ll be at Ulster University near the city’s Cathedral Quarter (from 3pm-5pm), along with my trusty assistant, Laura Crossett [a fellow bookish person who enjoys fantasy books and is a dab hand at design. She also made the MM book trailer (see the MM page above!)].

The plan is to read extracts from MM on the half hour, while in between there’ll be a chance to get your books signed, ask me questions and to have some bookish/writing chat, as well as doing some storytelling activities…

NB If you have a copy of MM already, then you can bring it along to the event for signing, or you can buy it beforehand on Amazon to do the same, as I won’t be selling any books at the event, due to the fact that it’s a free day/night of events to encourage people to engage with the arts and isn’t a commercial venture.

Culture Night Belfast draws a huge crowd every year, with thousands of people descending upon the city to soak up the culture and have a good time, so I’m really looking forward to being a part of it this year. I’m also encouraging any kids (or adults!) who come along to my event to dress up as their favourite book character – Laura and I will certainly be dressed for the occasion!

The #CNB17 programme will be launched soon, so I’m keen to see what other events I can get to myself after the MM one is done. Definitely check it out if you can!

Aside from sorting out stuff like this, I’ve also been working on bits and pieces relating to book two over the past couple of weeks … We’re talking more planning here at this stage – I have a fair idea of the way I want to wrap things up in what will most likely be a duology for MM, but as every writer knows, life does have a tendency to get in the way! As I had to tell a friendly shop assistant in Coleraine the other day, when I went to pick up some food for the pup, I’m not (yet!) in the position of being an author full-time (she thought I was but, sadly, no!) – I do still have a day job with my copywriting business, so book writing is squeezed in and around that as it always has been. Watership Down

That being said, however, I’m very much someone who writes when the mood takes me – I won’t force it just to get a word count done for the day (well, very occasionally I do, but it’s seldom enjoyable so I try not to) – I prefer to have ideas pushing to get out onto the paper and to be honest, it might be the journalist in me, but I also work best under the pressure of a deadline. Tell me I only have an hour to write at night and I’ll likely produce a few pages or even a chapter. Give me an entire day free to write and I’ll possibly end up reading someone else’s book! C’est le vie. 🙂

Speaking of reading, I’ve read lots of great books recently – a mixture of adult and YA fiction, memoir, and also, a nostalgic childhood read (Watership Down) after I visited a charity shop and came away with a pretty impressive book haul. Reading great books, as I’ve said before, either really inspires me to try to write just as well, or it can also sometimes put me a little off writing, as I think perhaps my own work won’t measure up. It is what it is, but on the whole, reading so many good books of late has reminded me of why I read and why, as an author, I write.

On that note, back to it! (Reading first but then also, perhaps, some more plotting and note-taking…) 🙂


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