Cover stories and scribblings…

In the days leading up to the reveal of my first-draft book cover, I’ll admit, I was starting to worry a little about what would happen if I didn’t like what was proffered. Of course, I’d just feed that back to the designer and get him to come up with something else, but if he didn’t quite ‘get’ what I wanted from the start, then it had the potential to be a tricky sort of a business…

monkey-1757972_1280Anyway, I needn’t have worried at all. On a morning during the week, I opened my inbox to discover two pretty cool book covers waiting for my approval from Andrew at Design for Writers. I scrolled down quickly for my first viewing and immediately breathed a sigh of relief, which fairly quickly turned to excitement, as I realised my book had become a physical thing. (Well, you know what I mean – it was now something other than words on a page – it had a ‘face’ which will soon be shown to the world).

The way Design for Writers works is to mock up two initial designs for the writer, who then selects the one they prefer to take forward into development. While I was initially taken by both of the designs, I quite quickly felt a better connection with the second cover, which to me, will hopefully appeal more to both boys and girls, and conjures up a different sort of magical landscape/ambience than the first. It combines various elements of what my story is about, and does, I think, get across the idea of an otherworldly adventure, with hidden surprises and suspense along the way…

I’m so tempted to share it with you right now but… I’m going to be patient a while longer, and wait until the final tweaks are done. It was important of course, to go back to assess the cover more critically – as a reader or book buyer might – after the initial approval of the design, and I did go back to Andrew with a few suggestions, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks with these slight alterations. There are always things you’ll spot upon closer examination, and little tweaks and refinements will ultimately create something that you’re much more satisfied with. fairy-tales-671406_1280

Exciting cover news aside, I also managed to write a short story in the two weeks since I was last blogging, and have submitted this to a journal. (It’s good to have deadlines like that to work to and you never know – perhaps they’ll publish it.) I also enjoyed a very atmospheric reading in Ballycastle with Bernie McGill and Martina Devlin – two of the female writers included in the newly launched anthology The Glass Shore: Short Stories by Women Writers from the North of Ireland. Meanwhile, this coming week, I’m also planning to attend a three-hour poetry workshop, so we’ll see what comes of that.

Behind the scenes, I’m also working away on developing some sort of strategy on marketing my book when it comes out; making a list of possible reviewers and the like and just thinking of everything I need to put in place before it comes out. I’m also heading down to Dublin at the end of the month to meet my book editor, with a meeting scheduled before that to get some feedback from a few young girls who have been reading my manuscript… So, there’s a lot going on in and around the official working week, but it’s all taking shape and it’s all really rather exciting…

PS Have you self-published and if so, do you have any tips or advice you’d like to share about the process? Or do you know any good children’s book reviewers who might be worth checking out when it comes closer to publication day…? Feel free to contribute in the comments section below – all advice/input is much appreciated!

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