The world is a story…

Today is World Storytelling Day – a day which celebrates the art of oral storytelling and which this year, focuses on the theme of 5

Stories saturate every part of our lives, whether we’re fully aware of it or not. We use them when we’re relaying accounts of our day; we find them in advertising and in the news. They come to us in thoughts, in oral form, in the written word and in pictures. Stories are powerful because they connect us with one another and they make things personal.

We ‘buy into’ commercial stories because they hook into our emotions – we buy the vision of the brand above what they’re actually selling. That’s the power of storytelling.

Books can leave us emotionally drained, exultant, bewildered and more, depending on what you’re reading. They can challenge our perceptions and open up new worlds and belief systems to us.boy-1262989_1280

Oral storytelling engages us in an ancient and still thriving way of sharing stories. The storyteller may use different voices for characters; they set the scene with the tone of their voice, through dramatic pauses and energetic or quiet speech. Telling stories aloud isn’t just for the kids!

Stories have been around for longer than we can remember and will always play a central role in our lives. On World Storytelling Day, why not have a think about what stories mean to you, or try to remember a story that’s really stayed with you over the years. It just might surprise you what comes to mind…

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