Celebrating writing on IWD

This Tuesday is International Women’s Day 2016 and across the world, women will be out to celebrate each other’s achievements and show some solidarity. In Northern Ireland and, more specifically for me, in Coleraine, women writers will be participating in the Women Aloud NI project, reading their work and chatting about all things writing.photo

I’ll be reading one of my short stories and speaking a bit about submitting to literary journals and my experiences of that, while there will also be poets, novelists and the like doing similar things across the country.

If you’re in the vicinity, then do call in… What could be better than hearing some stories for free, and picking up some tips and advice, or simply hearing about how other writers work? For me, it will be great to siphon off some time for literary endeavours as of late, work has been all-consuming, leaving little time for focusing properly my short stories the way I’d like. There are busier than normal periods however, and then there are quieter periods and eventually, the writing will always get done…



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