Meetings and greetings

If you write, then at some point, you’ve probably attended a writers’ group, or are currently part of one. Writing groups are a great way to get feedback on your writing, to share ideas and to gain confidence in reading your work in front of people. They can also keep you focused on your writing goals, as well as motivating you to keep going.elf-478330_1280

I attended a writing group programme a few years ago and since then, regularly go to prose and poetry workshops throughout the year. I find this works well for me. While I see the benefits of being part of a group which meets every week, it suits my writing habits better to do things this way. I also meet up with fellow writers to chat about what we’re doing, and draw inspiration from literary festivals, writers’ talks/readings and the like.

Anyway, as with writing styles and so on, every writer must find what suits them best – whether it’s being in a group, or flitting around to one-off workshops and events like myself. This week, I was invited along to a relatively new writers’ group in Derry, where I chatted to a lovely group of wordsmiths about my writing experiences and about submitting to journals and so on. Everyone came across as being very supportive of each other’s work, and were enthusiastic about progressing their writing careers.

We swapped names of authors to read, chatted about short stories and writing for children, and just had an inspiring evening centred on writing. Even if you don’t go to a group every week, it’s good to connect with other writers offline, so if you haven’t been to anything in a while, then I encourage you to drop in on the next literary event or writing group meeting in your area!


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