Literary launches and the like

Having attended the launch of a book about the musical history of 19th century Belfast, and the launch of the Launchpad children’s writing journal at the weekend (too many launches?!), I was doing a little less writing and a bit more reading and reporting the past couple of days. I also enjoyed a catch-up with Incubator Journal editor, Kelly Creighton, which is always good for the soul!kids-1099709_1280

At Saturday’s Launchpad Journal event, it was my first time reading one of my stories at an event aimed primarily at children. The dynamics are definitely different, and the writer reading would certainly be advised to have a few tricks up their sleeve to captivate their young audience, but I was surprised at how well-behaved the kids were. They sat through a fair few poems and stories being read, and were certainly enthusiastic in clapping us off afterwards. 🙂

Anyway, writing-wise, I’m pushing poetry aside for a little while to focus on my short stories (for adults), and to get some new ideas churning. There are also some writing events and festivals on the horizon to look forward to, and it might also be a good idea to get submitting again… January was a rather dreary month, and February may have started off with a storm (the second in as many days!), but the good thing about writing is – you can do it whatever the weather. 🙂

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