Meditative moments

A few days ago, I attended my first meditative movement class, Chill Step, which combines yoga, meditation, mindfulness and dance to create a fusion of calmness and which ultimately, leaves you feeling all chilled out. So chilled out in fact, that I almost forgot to write this blog post…

I jest – I was consumed by work. 🙂

Camera (1) 772Led by the lovely Georgia, the class encouraged us to still the mind and really focus on what we were doing with our breathing and movements. If you’ve dabbled with meditation, mindfulness and the like, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Usually, I leave my meditative moments for the dog walks, but then, that’s usually thinking time. The mind is still busy and while sometimes I try to clear it out, I’m often musing over potential story ideas, picking through the day that was, or planning for the week ahead.

Taking proper ‘time out’ to clear your head is just as important, I think, as taking time on a walk to conjure up all those creative ideas for your stories, poems or whatever. The imagination needs to be nourished, but overloading anything can never be a good thing. I enjoyed the class (led, as it happens, by someone who’s also a writer), and so I plan to go again. Hopefully, it’ll refresh the mind and help feed the imagination. I’ll keep you posted!

Now, back to the writing. 🙂


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