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For the past few Januaries, I’ve taken stock of my writing achievements in the 12 months previous, making a note in my diary of what I accomplished. This is a good way to see how much I actually managed to do, as you can easily forget as the months go by and, as someone continually striving to do more, it can be all too easy to under-appreciate these

In 2015, I had three poems and three short stories published, with another poem accepted for publication in an anthology which is due out this year. This is an increase on the year before, publication-wise, and while it’s not always about numbers, it does feel good to reflect on that. I also completed my short story and poetry collections for the Arts Council NI as part of the Support for Individual Artists  Programme, wrote various other bits of poetry and prose throughout the year, and was delighted when my feature about a short story collection was shortlisted in the Thresholds International Feature Writing Competition.

Furthermore, I kept this blog going, which never ceases to amaze me, as one wonders sometimes what there is left to write about on it. But there’s always something! I find it keeps me motivated in my writing life and I appreciate anyone who runs their eye over it, though I’d still be writing it even if no-one visited. 🙂Library

Anyway, this year, I fully intend to push on with my writing, and dream of a more harmonious schedule with regards to my business writing and my more creative writing… Read more, write more, is my plan! It’s easier said than done sometimes, but after a few weeks off at Christmas, I’ve emerged in 2016 determined to keep going and to see what happens. It’s good to have writing goals but then again, it’s good also not to become too caught up in them and lose focus. Better to write what you will with no agenda, and appreciate any good thing that comes of it…



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  1. Great achievements in 2015 Claire, well done! I also wonder how and why my blog keeps going, certainly not powered by stats ;). But it’s obviously fulfilling a need and not hurting anyone so on we go. Happy New Year, Clare

    • Thanks Clare! Happy New Year to you as well 🙂 You had a great year too by all accounts, with your novel being longlisted and getting your book deal! I enjoy reading your blog – hopefully this will be another good writing year for us both!

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