Ye olde style writing…

SnufkinFollowing on from my last post before Christmas (I had a wee break from the blog for a week in between), I’m picking up where I left off… with Mr Dickens. Yes, over the festive period, I whiled away the hours with David Copperfield (at last! My English teacher once suggested I read it over the summer holidays, when I was in first or second year, but I wasn’t convinced at the time…) and suffice it to say, I enjoyed it very much. I’m now mid-way through Dickens’ collection of ghost stories and have Bleak House and The Old Curiosity Shop on standby because, I have to admit, I’ve never read them.

My problem – if you want to call it a problem – is that I love the old style writing of Dickens, and the overtly descriptive prose of authors such as Joyce and Woolf. What’s more, when I read these sorts of books, I find myself indulging in a similar style which, although still popular with many readers in 2016, unless you actually are Dickens or Woolf or Joyce, journals and publishers don’t really want to know. Today’s preferred short story style seems to lean towards the short and sharp; the punchy and in my opinion, more journalistic type of writing. It’s pared back and this is grand, but I don’t think everyone should necessarily be writing to fit the same style.

Anyway, having taken a proper break over Christmas, I only managed to cobble together one short story (in spooky Dickensian style no less!), which is still being refined, but I’m approaching 2016 with less haste and my writing will take the form that it will…  🙂


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