Writing Dickensian-style

Charles Dickens liked to write Christmas stories during the festive season and it’s a habit I feel inspired to adopt myself. It might not be a popular pastime (do many writers feel inclined to create a seasonal story??), but I wrote one last year and there’s something about the magic surrounding the season that makes me want to do the same again now.


A painting of Dickens dreaming about his literary characters…

Christmas tales are traditionally, rather macabre and spooky – telling ghost stories of an evening around a crackling fire was once all the rage, and it’s a custom that would be great to uphold. Whether you do this from memory or by scribbling the story down (as I’m wont to do), is up to you, but it’s something which to me, is much more appealing than subjecting yourself to the more saccharine sentiments that we’re bombarded with over the Christmas period.

Christmas is all about celebration and togetherness, but if you’re lucky enough to be wrapped up snug and warm beside a fire of an evening, while the wind howls outside and branches tip-tap at the windows, then what could be better than losing yourself in a story that’s worthy of a shiver or two…


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  1. Inspired Counselling

    This is a great seasonal post. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me. Stephen ☺