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Next week, I’ll be going along to hear Irish author, Donal Ryan, chat about his writing in Belfast. At the weekend, I enjoyed a similar event with Scottish crime writer, Ian Rankin, and before that, there was the book launch with Sam Burnside and my chat with Desmond J Doherty. All of which was just me fitting in what I could book-wise, as there’s a heck of a lot more literary goings on er, going on, in Northern Ireland right now. Indeed, Kevin Barry was someone I missed in Belfast last week, but you just can’t get to everything!

Anyway, I’m just finishing the last story in Donal Ryan’s now award-winning book of short stories, A Slanting of the Sun, and have been struck by his writing style. It’s very authentic in its ‘Irishness’, if you like, and some of the stories really pierce through to the core. They’re a mix of clever, shocking, surprising and much more. I’ll be interested to hear him chat next week.tree-407256_1280

As someone who writes a little less ‘real’ and a little more ‘magical’, I’m interested in experimenting with my own style, although it can be difficult to leave the genre you lean toward naturally. So far, every time I try to do this, I’m mostly dissatisfied with what I produce, save for one or two exceptions. While I like to read a wide range of fiction, it seems that when it comes to writing it, I can’t help but stray into the fantastical.

With all of these book events recently and with my eclectic reading habits, I’ve been letting my thoughts drift in all directions as to what I’ll write next. Another short story I think. Not crime, but maybe with some mystery woven into it. Not quite horror, but hopefully with a dash of what you find in John Connolly’s chilling tales perhaps. It’s dark and foreboding outside these days with winter creeping in, so I think I’ll write to suit…



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