Winter writing

With winter comes a closeting of oneself from the cold. For me, it’s a time to bury under layers and write and read by lamplight; feet warming by the steady flickering of fire after a freezing walk with my dog in snow, rain or hail… At this time of year, the evenings have drawn in and it’s dark by four in the afternoon, so it’s hard to resist the temptation to knock off early and indulge in more literary pursuits. There’s just something about the dark, I find, and the squirreling oneself away that sparks the imagination.evening-959028_1280

I find this kind of wintery environment very conducive to writing and while some writers may dismiss the ‘romantic notion’ of writing late at night, I simply write when I can and with my work schedule, that just happens to be in the darker hours. If you can write well, then the time of day makes no difference. If you have time in the morning, then great, but time is like fairy dust and is difficult to catch, so wherever you can find a few minutes, do so.

At the moment, I’m allowing ideas to flow freely, in the hope that once the festive period comes round and it’s finally time to have a holiday, I’ll be more than ready to spin some tales. As work ebbs and flows, it keeps more lengthy scribbling at bay, but it’s enough for now to have thoughts unravelling and for snippets of prose to be jotted down for future use. I’m also enjoying some short story collections, and am writing snatches of poetry – keeping an eye on the calendar all the while…


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