Unlocking the poetic form

heart-773140_1280Mid last week, I went along to a poetry workshop aimed at facilitating us north coast writers in producing a new poetic work for submission to the 2016 CAP poetry anthology.

This is an anthology published yearly by the Community Arts Partnership in Northern Ireland, and I’ve been lucky enough to have featured in the last two editions. Which sort of puts on the pressure in making it a hattrick!

However, it gives one something to aim for, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

This time around, the theme for the anthology is loosely based on connections, so it’s a wide spec, which I think is their aim – it could inspire all types of poems. The question is – what to write? background-936710_1920The workshop I attended in Ballycastle (where I joined some of the wordsmiths from the Ballycastle Writer’s Group!), was led by Georgia Wilder, who chatted to us about poetic form, including the ‘found form’ as well as things like villanelles, sonnets and the like. As I usually tend to write in free verse, I enjoyed going into all of this, although I think writing in form does run the risk of distorting what you want to write sometimes, in order to make it fit the style.

However, I’m now suitably re-armed with thoughts on the poetic foot, meter and scansion, so all that’s left is to have a go at writing something new and exciting… or possibly editing one of those wee poems I recently wrote while under the influence of Plath and Hughes. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

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