Why we write

Having done a lot of ‘work writing’ over the past week, but not much of my creative writing unfortunately, I got to thinking about why it is that we write. As the years have passed, I’ve discovered that many people like to write as a way of helping them through crises – which is great – but for me, writing has always been about a love of words and story, nothing more. As with anything you do which you enjoy, of course it will inadvertently make you feel better when you do it, but as any regular writer knows – when the story sticks and editing seems never-ending, why do we keep with it?dragon-860683_1280

We can write for self-discovery, for escapism, for art’s sake and to make a change, however minuscule, in someone else’s life. Words have the power to change perspectives, be they fiction or non-fiction, and the challenge of shaping them into forms that are new and interesting is perhaps one of the biggest appeals for some people. I know it’s part of what draws me to the craft. We write also for a sense of accomplishment, I think, and this is especially true for those who don’t seek to publish or share their work. It encourages mental exploration and hones our ability to step into another’s shoes and consider the world afresh.

Why we write can also therefore influence what we write, so the question is – why do you write..? 🙂

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