Writing in the ‘in-between’

I read an article this week which asked authors how they had used their experiences to flavour their writing – the old ‘write what you know’ mantra – and I got to thinking about how I do this in my own writing, which I do, of course. I think that you can’t help but have things you’ve seen and experienced first-hand seep into your writing – that we always write a little of what we know – but that this shouldn’t be misinterpreted, as it sometimes is by readers, that what you write is a blow-by-blow account of your life.castle-658042_1280

The other camp proclaims ‘write what you don’t know’ and I happen to think that somewhere in between is a rather good place to be, and is actually probably where most writers are. For, in creating fiction, we draw to whatever degree on what we know to create something new that we don’t quite know – am I right?

Well, there’s no right or wrong – I think that’s the point. Right now, I’m reading and writing and easing into a new project in fits and starts, but I’ve just finished a short story and a poem and I wrote a few pages of something else today, so… I’ll see where it takes me. 🙂


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