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Like most writers, I don’t have the luxury of spending endless days writing prose and poetry but instead, fit it in and around my job, household chores and whatever else may arise. Virginia Woolf might have proclaimed that if a woman is to write fiction then she must have money and ‘a room of one’s own’, but unfortunately, to obtain both of those things means there’s very little time for being creative. That’s not to say it’s impossible however, as there’s always time to write if you really want to do it. Point in fact – for the past two weeks I’ve been watching Life in Squares on the BBC, which is all about the infamous Bloomsbury Group, when that’s an hour which could have been spent writing… (By the way, if anyone’s watching that – what are your thoughts?)

Anyway, this week I’ve only managed a bit of editing on a short story and writing a few pages of another, but I’ve started reading Sarah Perry’s ‘After Me Comes The Flood’, amongst other things, which has so far proved quite intriguing and has made me think again about my own approach to what I’m currently writing. Writers often beat themselves up about not writing every day and I’m somewhat impatient and want to be able to produce lots of writing and often, but it’s okay to not have the right frame of mind to write some nights; it’s okay to just read and not write, but to absorb someone else’s writing and be inspired by it and learn from it. Don’t you agree? 🙂



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2 responses to “Am reading…

  1. It’s ok to read! You’re refilling the well. I’ve read about Life in Squares…is it good?

  2. Yes, I enjoyed it – the last episode was on last night. I’ve read some quibbles over missing out a few of the group and making Virginia Woolf seem a bit flighty (which she did appear a bit at the start), but on the whole, I enjoyed getting a glimpse into what it might have been like for them. I’ve yet to see The Hours or anything like that, so maybe that’s why I liked it. Nothing to compare it to!