Literary launches and the like


Claire-Louise Bennett reads from her new short story collection, ‘Pond’.

It’s been a busy week on the writing front recently (hence the late post!), with a bit of the Belfast Book Festival – where I heard from The Stinging Fly short story writers, Claire-Louise Bennett, Danielle McLaughlin and Sara Baume – followed by the launch of the latest Incubator Journal. The week before, I also enjoyed the launch of Kelly Creighton’s debut novel, The Bones of It, so it’s been all go in a good way!

Add to that a spot of rewriting and new writing of short stories of my own, mixed in with a bit of reading and, well, you get the picture. A bookish sort of heaven, punctuated only by writing of the business-related kind – which helps to pay the bills…

With Sara Baume

With Sara Baume

I’ve also been reading Enniskillen-based author, Carlo Gebler’s, latest book – a memoir-type work called Confessions of a Catastrophist – which charts his literary experiences (of which he has many!) and how the writing world has changed in the past few decades. I’m about a quarter way through, but it’s already inspiring and it’s always helpful, I think, to read and learn from another writer’s life. Oh, and a catastrophist (in case you’re wondering), is ‘a person who regards historical or political events as progressively disastrous; a pessimist’, which should give you a feel for Carlo’s particular point of view! But, he’s refreshingly upfront about it all, I think, and puts his own humorous twist to things.

NOCTURNESAt the same time, I’m also currently reading John Connolly’s wonderfully creepy book of short stories, Nocturnes, which was another great find in a charity shop recently. Still, I finally found time to blog in all of this, but now, there’s a short story which needs a bit of knitting together, so until next week!

Happy writing 🙂

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