Reviewing and writing

After having had good intentions of writing a fantastic piece of flash fiction last week, I realised (too late) that I’d, er, missed the deadline for the competition, so I’ve set the flash aside for now as I knuckle down to finishing what I started in the short stories. narrative-794978_1280

It’s good to mix things up with other writing in between, but my red pen has been out in earnest over the past few days to edit two more tales which will hopefully be added into the collection. What happens then, I know not, but in the past year, I’ve managed to compile a respectable assortment of stories (and poems), which I may not have otherwise done, so it’s satisfying to now start pulling them into some sort of order and reviewing all that I’ve written.

That’s not to say I’m enthralled with every word. Au contraire. But I now have a workable collection which, in the next year, may change shape or form, or be set aside in favour of a new one. Last year I did not. This is progress. My writing is, of course, also evolving as I go, and hopefully improving too. I’ve also established (if indeed, I was ever in any doubt) that my writing genre –Β if we must put labels on our writing, –Β is definitely in the magic realism/just plain magical category. This I love – others may not. You can’t please everyone with your writing, but then again…Β you shouldn’t have to. πŸ™‚


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