Writing time

Arts Council logoAfter a period of more intense reading than writing recently (except for some poetry and story editing), I’ve dived back into my short story writing this weekend. Come the end of June, I’m due to hand in my collection of short stories and poetry to the Arts Council NI, so this is the final stretch as far as that’s concerned. It’s certainly motivated and inspired me to create more than I may have otherwise in the past year, and I hope I can continue in the same vein next year!

I also had a useful conversation with my friend, Kelly Creighton, this week. Kelly’s debut novel, The Bones of It, will be launched on June 10 and is a crime thriller set in Northern Ireland, which I’m looking forward to reading. As a fellow short story writer and poet, Kelly told me a bit about her own drafting and editing process with the book and has encouraged me to return to my children’s manuscript and finish what I started with that.Kelly Creighton cover

I’ve already re-edited it and intend to give it another full edit before hopefully finding a children’s editor to go over it. Then, I hope to send it out into the big bad world and see what happens. I did send it to a few publishers a year or so ago, but despite my multiple edits at the time (with months in between), I now see it really wasn’t ready. We’ll see how it goes. This writing lark, as we all know, is a marathon and at some point, if nothing happens with it, it’ll be time to put it aside, or perhaps self-publish (who knows!), but in the meantime, I’m still writing short stories, poetry and have the inklings of an idea for another novel…


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