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Around this time of year, literary events seem to pop up all over the place – at festivals, in the form of one-off workshops and in readings, launches and the like. This is good. I enjoy going along to whatever I can, and have in the past couple of weeks attended a festival, poetry workshop and book launch.

Such events are a great opportunity to mingle with other writers; to pick up some new writing tips or stumble upon fresh inspiration. It’s good to get away from your writer’s cubby-hole every once in a while after all.

However, the other side to that of course, is that it’s easy to begin comparing yourself to other writers – usually the ones who appear more successful than you. There’s also the fact that, when you’re at all these events, you’re not writing. The same goes for reading though, and I’ve spent this weekend immersed in Sara Baume’s ‘spill simmer falter wither’, and now need to pick up my own pen again.

With Paul McVeigh at the recent launch in Belfast of his book, The Good Son.

With Paul McVeigh at the recent launch in Belfast of his book, The Good Son.

But pick it up I will, for these fallow periods are needed for nourishment, I think.

Different people tell you different things about how they write, but I like to follow my senses and write as often as I can, while also making sure not to neglect the reading and the thinking periods. The incubation of ideas. I’ve been indulging in my poetry in recent weeks, but now it’s back to the short stories. My fallow period in this regard is drawing to a close, but I feel refreshed and ready to get stuck in. 🙂


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6 responses to “Literary goings-on

  1. All this literature makes me fulfilled and envious and equal measure. Twitter makes you feel like the whole word is writing sometimes. Fingers crossed for your productivity.

    • Yes, exactly! It can be hard to focus on what you’re doing sometimes, and not be distracted by everyone else. Hope your writing is going well too 🙂

      • Or getting the balance between keeping abreast of the contemporary without being washed away by it.

        I’m trying to turn being a dad into being a dad and productive. Thus, I’m writing about our days out. Like a primary school diary!

      • That’s a good idea. And also a nice way of retaining the memories

  2. It sounds like an inspiring period you’re in. I have not had time to attend the readings I used to and I miss them but I’ve ramped up my reading and writing to compensate. It’s all a trade off, isn’t it? And now there’s Spring outside to fight against!

    • Hi Jackie, I’m trying anyway! It’s hard sometimes to write on in the evenings after writing business stuff all day, but I find events and reading good inspiration to keep going 🙂 That’s good if you’re writing away- you can’t do everything at once anyway!

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