Spring writing!

spring-640958_1280Today, on Easter Sunday, spring finally decided to shake off the winter chill and emerge bright and warm and wonderful.

Whether it’ll last is another thing, but it inspired me to have a little spring clean of my spare room (!) and to consider my next wave of writing…

Of the short stories written since last July, I have still a few I want to rework, but the shift in the seasons has also made me want to spring-clean my writing, so to speak. bone clocksA couple of my earlier tales still have potential, but they need to rest a while before they can be refined. At the minute, I’ve lived with them too closely for too long, so it’s onwards to something new in the meantime!

With the longer evenings and brighter days, perhaps my writing will also take on a sunnier disposition… My poetry, at least, has very much been influenced by dark winter evenings over the past few months, with much talk of the moon and stars, so we’ll see what spring brings. Do the seasons influence your writing, I wonder? As a daily dog walker, I have to admit, my writing does seem to soak up my surroundings, but I also do have a natural inclination towards dark, quirky fiction!easter-683084_1280

With my reading, meanwhile, I’ve just delved into a whopper of a novel by David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks, which is turning out to be just as brilliant as I suspected it would be.

So, for now, Happy Easter and I hope the spring sunshine inspires you to some fresh new writing as well 🙂


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