Irish Fiction Fortnight

HOME-THWIH-2There are great authors scattered across the world but recently, a lady called Margaret Madden has been championing the Irish writer, as of course, well she should ūüôā

It’s been said (probably by the Irish!), that Irish writers have a unique way with words and, whatever your opinion on that, it has to be said that our little island does produce an astonishing amount of quality¬†authors for so small a place.

I could list some but, well, it would take a while, so I’ll let you think on that yourself…006 (2)

As it happens, I’ve been reading quite a few Irish writers recently – Dublin Express by Colin Bateman,¬†The House Where It Happened by Martina Devlin, Shroud by John Banville, The Thing About December by Donal Ryan and now, Hello Mr Bones by Patrick McCabe. I then discovered Margaret’s ingenious #IrishFictionFortnight idea on Twitter, where she’s encouraging people to tweet about their favourite Irish authors and post pics, to help readers find new Irish authors to enjoy. She’s also giving away free books, which is doubly brilliant!IMG_0374

I have to admit though, reading all these great books usually inspires me in my own writing, but it does also sometimes make me have those moments of – ‘I’ll never be able to write¬†as well as them’!IMG_0378

With each writing style, I also¬†find I want to emulate the author’s¬†approach i.e. first person narrative, full prose¬†etc. in my next story. Diverse reading reminds you that there are many great ways to write – which may seem obvious, but I think we often fall into the same style in our writing and think it helps to change POV every so often.IMG_0386

Anyway, feel free to join in with what’s left of #Irish FictionFortnight and keep it going on past the two weeks if you like. Why not pick an Irish writer for your next read and let me know what you thought! I¬†picked up¬†a¬†nice little haul of¬†Irish and other¬†authors yesterday after browsing the bookshelves of my local charity shops , so I’ll be doing the same ūüôā




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