Sweet stories

008This weekend I enjoyed a chocolate-making workshop with a local chocolatier (The Chocolate Manor – check it out!), and let’s just say – making truffles is much harder than you might think! Those little cute Christmas pudding-shaped chocolates took a good couple of hours to make, with much whisking and piping and rolling involved (and sore arms!).

Suffice it to say, I’m going to liken this to the writing process, because, especially in my work-based writing, I find that a lot of people just don’t get what’s involved. It’s like those wee truffles – you pop them in your mouth without thinking, just as many people speed through a story in the same way, and don’t always realise the effort that’s gone into crafting it.005

There’s the researching, the thinking of ideas, the scribbling of notes, the typing, the first draft (second, third, fourth…. etc!), the editing, the re-editing, the, er, editing again (as many times as is necessary), the plot changes/tweaks/re-drafts, the characters, locations….

You get my point, and you know this already as writers, but still, it’s something which has reared its head again with me recently, so it’s on the blog 🙂

Making chocolates by hand is hard work, and writing is, well, hard work. Yes, even though we love doing it, it requires work and practice and effort. The glossy, finished product at the end starts of fairly messy and gooey. It’s shaped and lovingly crafted into the story you get to read at the end, and it might be a short story, or a long novel, but you’ll never really know the effort that someone’s gone to to produce it.

007This isn’t all doom and gloom though! I was making chocolate truffles and I ended up thinking about words!

Perhaps that says a bit too much about me, but I have to say, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book and some lovely chocolate of an evening…

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