Creating Christmas

Christmas tree (2)Are you a fan of the seasonal story..?

Around this time of year, I actually like to dig out the few Christmas-themed books I have and, while I don’t always get around to re-reading them… I do like seeing them out and about!

With the festive season now in full swing, I’ve been considering writing a Christmas story for my short story collection. There’s just something about this time of year and, now that I’ve got the Christmas tree up, the magic of the season is starting to seep in.

I’m not one for writing schmaltzy stories though, so this is my quandary. How to write a Christmas story without being too saccharine? Without wading through overfamiliar ground?

Inspiration might come from:photo

  • Christmas card scenes
  • Personal memories
  • Other stories
  • Film/art

When you’re trying to think of what to write, sometimes that’s what kills your imagination, so I think I’ll just snuggle down beside my wee pup in front of the fire over Christmas week (which I have off from work this year!) and let the season work its magic…



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2 responses to “Creating Christmas

  1. I rarely read anything Christmassy that I enjoy (apart from children’s books and A Christmas Carol) but This Snow Won’t Lie for Long by Alan Bisset is a different take on a Christmas short story:

    You could argue that this goes too far the other way, but at least it isn’t sugary sweet.

  2. Thanks for this – I’ll check it out! Yes, I tend to read children’s Christmas books, but few adult Christmas stories, so I’ll see how I go in writing one myself 🙂