Write or Die!

halloweenwitchWell, with Hallowe’en looming large on the horizon, how timely to have discovered this handy little app which literally eats your words if you stop typing! Write or Die – it was created by Dr Wicked no less.

Apparently lots of NaNoWriMo people have been using this for a while but, as I often say – I’m sometimes late to the party…

I was interested to hear that David Nicholls used Write or Die when he first started to pen Us. He binned most of his efforts, although he subsequently used the essence of what he wrote to inspire what became his latest bestseller.

Myself? I see how it could be useful, but I have to admit – the idea of actually using this app makes me sweat. With a bit of pre-planning of course, you could just sit down with a mindful of ideas and type away to your heart’s content for however long. I find the ticking clock and threat of deletion however, a little bit unsettling. Or is that just me?!clock

We all need something to inspire us though, and if this works for you, I’m all for it. Whether you suffer from procrastination or writer’s block, it’s good to know there’s someone somewhere cheering you on, so to speak.

Even if it is Dr Wicked…


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2 responses to “Write or Die!

  1. I haven’t tried this app, but gave up with Nanowrimo last year as I just felt I was churning out words for the sake of it. I prefer to write slowly and revise as I go.

  2. Yes, I’m the same. I’d rather go at my own pace and if I need to stop and think while I’m writing, so be it. I don’t like the idea of my sentences being deleted when I do that though!

    It reminds me a bit of a writing exercise we did in a creative writing class once – where you just write for 5 mins to ‘warm up’ as it were. What you usually write is stuff you never use again.

    Thanks for commenting and I hope you’re own writing is going well 🙂

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