Cultivating creativity

Do you make time to be creative? Do you read books, watch films, listen to music….?

Well, I made the time (one week on) to read an article on creativity yesterday, which pointed out the benefits to us all of finding time to tap into our creative sides – whatever that may look like. For me it’s definitely reading books and creative writing, although film-watching comes in there too. Find out what works for you and go with it. Except – it’s increasingly to do that in a work-weary world. The emphasis is always on working harder and longer and leaving leisure behind.

Well, I think not. I have become one of those people now (thanks to a long commute and very late working hours) who often finds themselves checking emails and work stuff on the laptop As I Eat Breakfast!! I’m not proud of IMG_2035that, but it’s going to stop. Before, I simply read a bit of my book, scribbled notes or just sat with my wee pup and thought things over at that time in the morning. Unleashing creativity is only helped by switching off from work and tuning into our imagination.

I’ve said it before but – many of my ideas and writing inspiration come whilst I’m out walking the coast with my dog – i.e. when my brain is away from work and let loose to just ‘be’.

So, from hereon in, it’s back to basics.

The clocks may have just hopped forward an hour, but I’m winding back…


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