Exchange Place

Through Belfast streetsImage

on Paris walks

We meet Kilfeather, Kilpatrick

the lost

A missing notebook

a friend long gone

working apart

or in the same song?

Suspense it hangs

truth out of reach

The writing’s fast

the chapters brief

We flit, we float between the two

the question is

– just who is who?


A wee taster of the book I’m currently reading (by Ciaran Carson) and soon to review…

In other news, I forgot to update about El’s writing class last week!

There was more mind-mapping – from words chosen at random from the blurbs of books – the creation of two characters sitting in a waiting room and… some work on our own writing which we brought in (with me, that was my synopsis and pitch letter – three ‘pithy paragraphs’? Excellent challenge!)


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