To the stars!



The hall was finally destitute and the insignificant door was

Drinking rain and black branches by it

Noisily normal and compatible

Space is further than I suppose it.


Space is saner and less of it than I dream

Malleably singular. She caresses and squeezes

A plum and sucks the flesh and tastes

The soberness of it not being the same.


And the fire sputters with a simmering whisper for space

Is less kindly and static than they think-

In the taste in the sight in the sound on the soles of their feet-

There is less than wood beside the rain and the tiny branches.

Ok, that was my offering for this the unbelievably 30th and final day of Image

Our challenge this splendid sunny Tuesday was to choose a favourite poem and then re-write each line, replacing as many words as we could with their opposites, the idea being that ‘this is a fun way to respond to a poem you like, while also learning how that poem’s rhetorical strategies really work.’

I chose another of Louise MacNeice’s poems – ‘Snow’ – but of course, his language is quite difficult to write the opposite of!! (Or so I found anyway!) I hope though, that I’ve done an ok job with it.

As I said yesterday, my poetry writing might be taking a bit of a back-seat now, after the unexpected flurry of poetry production over the last 30 days… ‘The Draft’ needs work and I have a few writing workshops and what-not coming up, so there will be plenty else to keep me occupied and to keep the blog full! First up is El’s creative writing class tonight and tomorrow I will be attending a workshop at the Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre in Limavady, led by columnist and radio presenter Anita Robinson.

My posts will generally be back to once a week from hereonin, although I just might throw in the odd extra update along the way!


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