Earth Day



Sun spills softly onto soil cold and stark

Green has gone from here – left the landscape in the dark

Rain it brings no hope, no sustenance to see

Who on earth’s to blame – is it you?

Is it me?


The rays grow ever stronger as protective layers go

They said it might be fast, might be slow, well

do they know?

The minute hand ticks on and the hours and days they pass

One thing is for sure

things like this they cannot last.


As earth it crumbles inwards and dissolves upon us all

there are some who fight right back and who will never let it fall

their solar panels shine and their hearts are just as gold

they refuse to let their planet turn to rot – turn to mould.


They stand up for what is right and they help the ones in plight

be it animal or human, neither one of them they slight

They’re prepared to make things better even though it seems so hard

Won’t you join them in their mission – won’t you help to be a guard.


Today’s offering for Day 22 of Image, prompt being something tied in with Earth Day 2013.

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