Another poet…

ImageDay 16 of NaPoWriMo (yes, that was yesterday… I’m running a little behind!) suggested finding a foreign poem and writing your own piece based on what you thought the words looked like. Of course, I picked Russian, found it indecipherable, tried other languages, found them the same so… it was back to the Russian poet Vera Pavlov to attempt to write something inspired by her work ‘Another Poet Came Into Being’.

It was difficult but I, er, gave it a go. More updates later to follow on my latest poetry/creative writing class and the poem for day 17! (I’m catching up)

Another Poet Came Into Being

Illusion beguilingly caught her city

killed young the

kindly kindness, comforting comfort – 

pocketed man later.

Taken over blindly, my halo:

kept obligingly lax,

Allayed nothing, later knifed

and massacred her poet.


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