Poetry and plotting


First things first – I missed posting yesterday’s NaPoWriMo poem but… I did write it at home so see below! Also, I may have been a little hasty in speaking of my visit to the BBC’s Blackstaff House, which was meant to be yesterday, but I’m afraid I actually didn’t go in the end, as it would have been a heck of a lot of traveling for a fairly brief talk on writing for children for theatre and TV, which isn’t really what I’m meant to be focusing on at the moment.

So…. I decided to invest the time in printing off the remainder of my manuscript (see pic of ‘The Draft’ above!) and keep on with the editing, which has fallen a little by the wayside recently. I may not have made Belfast but I will however, definitely be heading to the City of Culture next week for some more events, so on these I will report back!

Meanwhile, my poetry class with El Gruer was cancelled this week, but all should resume on that front for the final two sessions from next Tuesday night. Onto the poem then and for day ten we were asked to, joy of joys, write an ‘unlove poem’ – a poem of sarcastic delight. My favourite kind…


All About You

You are the shining sun

in my eyes when I walk,

You are the constant chatter

when I long to banish talk,

You are hot black coffee

as it scalds and burns my tongue,

You are the end of a film

when it’s only just begun,

You are the static force

of synthetics I abhor,

You are the spindly spider

that I quickly show the door,

You are the sticky honey

that I will never buy,

You are the strong disinfectant

I can’t bring myself to try,

You are the nursing home

where I never want to be,

You are the hidden quiet

of animal cruelty.

(Hope that wasn’t too harsh!)

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