Naughty Noir

Image Day 9 and to the noir genre… Now, this is more along the lines of what I was expecting in terms of the prompts – writing about a topic rather than focusing on the form. That said, I’m not sure I’ve produced the most illuminating piece of noir-inspired poetry!



Damned Downtown

Spoiled, spilled light ignites face misshapen with contorted emotion

half hidden below brim of murk, misery etched deep, gnawed

every sinew taut, tensed to tell-tale smudges in the dark

Stirs, cigar drips putrefaction into choking smut of smog-filled alley

lingers, the reek of raw unchallenged circumstances

Stiletto stab and swiveled neck, shadow steps

Snatch of pearl, hint of iron-coifed curls and fragrance

poisoned with possession.




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3 responses to “Naughty Noir

  1. MARK

    Wow, I loved this. Never read much noir before but this draws you in so tight.

    • Barbara

      Well this is so compelling it makes you want to go deeper into the under-current of the story.

      • Thanks Mark – I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this at the outset, but I hopefully conveyed some sense of ‘noir’ in what I wrote… It’s all a learning curve!
        Barbara, glad you liked it also and thanks for visiting the blog!

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