‘Tapestry of the Arts’


Poetry, music, dance, drawing, coffee and of course, good food, all came together at the Hope & Gloria Emporium on Friday evening to create a beautiful ‘Tapestry of the Arts’ in Coleraine. Celebrating local artistic talent and helping to raise funds for a team who will work against human trafficking in Cambodia this summer, the event featured an array of artists who shared their passions with a captivated audience.

Having crossed paths with most of the performers before but not aware of all of their blossoming talents, I was excited to see these showcased against the vintage backdrop of my favourite boutique. El Gruer of course, I have already spoken of in this blog, but she too was a new experience, as I had never actually witnessed her performance poetry firsthand and it was certainly worth the wait! The Theatre Collective, part of Sacred Space (an arts group based along the north coast), hosted the event and subsequently performed ‘Hoods’ by Ms Gruer, who in turn later ended the evening with some of her work, including the delectable ‘Lemon Drizzle Love Song’!

Threaded throughout the night was a clear passion for championing local creative minds and inspiring others in embracing their own creativity. From Keith Stynes and his affinity for artwork to Daniel Henderson and Dave Lynas with their passion for creating great coffee, to musicians JD Coulter and Mark Rainey sharing their enthusiasm for vinyl and music production, there was a part of the arts for everyone to enjoy. Michaela McMichael and songwriter/nurse Leanne Steele also entertained with their respective dance and solo singing performances and for the foodies, Kathleen Henderson provided tempting treats from her kitchen, complimented with wine and some locally brewed beer.

All in all, it was an inspiring and enjoyable night which did exactly what it set out to do – ‘celebrate art and its artist’.


Meanwhile, over the weekend, I kept up to date with my NaPoWriMo assignments, which I have posted below. Today’s poem will also follow once the prompt has been received!

Day 6 asked us to write a valediction/poem of farewell:

Broken Home

I sit and stare

cracked, broken – alone.

Where once walls bounced back exuberant cries

now only emptiness within me lies

Salted, stoney tears streak unseen

lost amongst the remnants of memories long crunched underfoot

Eyes splintered, clothes torn

throat choked in green

Pride crumbled, time tumbled in – making sin

the state I’m in.

I long to welcome you back

Day 7... each line except the last to take the form of ‘a single, declarative sentence’, the last line being a question. The aim – a poem which is ‘driving and reportorial in tone with a powerful rhetorical finish’. (Hmm… we’ll see!)

What we Know

Cups clink, people drink – think


Keys click, clocks tick – quick


Engines thrive, drivers drive – alive


Doors slam, friends jam – calm


Dreams dim, hopes slim


Sleepers sleep the night away

lights left on

Interesting, isn’t it – the people’s song…

Or did you know the essence of it – all along?


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2 responses to “‘Tapestry of the Arts’


    Love both of these poems, you really feel empathy for the house which is beautifully personified. A good aspect of this poem is the way you can also imagine the speaker being almost like a once proud head of the family, broad shouldered and commanding a huge family. Now over time with arthritis setting in possibly and everyone flying the coop, he’s lost his powers and is no longer a dominant presence in so many people’s lives. Sign of a good poem is when you can almost treat it like an ink blot and project your own views onto it and the themes still work, which is what this poem allows the reader to do.

    • Thanks for the comments Mark 🙂 It’s nice to hear what people’s thoughts are regarding the poems, as I’m always curious to see if they think the same as I was thinking when I wrote them or if they take something completely different out of it. But yes, in this instance, I was writing from the point of view of the house, although it could also be read from a person’s viewpoint as well I think!

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