‘Breadboy’ book signing


On Saturday, I braved the busyness of Coleraine on Easter weekend to see West Belfast’s ‘only teenage pacifist’ about getting my ‘Breadboy’ book signed. Well, I would have, if my editor hadn’t whisked it away to Donegal for the week!

All was not lost however, as ‘Paperboy’ was waiting patiently in my bag as a stand-in. At this point, I should now probably admit that, to my shame, I hadn’t actually read the first volume of Tony Macaulay’s coming-of-age memoirs… ‘Breadboy’ however, made me very eager to do so!

Tony was incredibly charming as always and happily chatted away about writing and I can now safely say that my reading of ‘Paperboy’ is almost complete and that yes, it was definitely worth buying! Ordinarily I don’t like to read books in the wrong order but in actual fact, having gotten to know ‘Breadboy’, I was interested to see how he had fared as a paperboy two years previously and it was good to fill in some of the gaps. Bring on part three…


Meanwhile, with regards to my own writing, I continue to chip away at The Draft – making changes, adding descriptions, re-phrasing sections… I have only printed out the first half so far (chapters 1 – 11) and have only corrected chapters 1 – 9 but I’ll get there! I’m afraid that when it comes to writing I still work old-skool, preferring to print out the full manuscript, then adding in my corrections and amendments in pen before actually making the changes on my laptop.

I should probably also point out that when I say I wrote my book, I actually mean it – I hand-wrote the entire thing over three notebooks and then had to type it all up afterwards! This didn’t take quite so long as I expected though and it helped refresh my memory about what I’d written, as I began all this back in 2011… (Double-jobbing, moving house and running after a boisterous pup etc does seem to get in the way of writing!)

Anyway, the work continues and having received positive and constructive feedback from Bernie McGill, I now await a fresh opinion on The Draft, as I recently sent chapter one to the talented poet, El Gruer, to see what she makes of it. Small steps…



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2 responses to “‘Breadboy’ book signing

  1. Jennifer R

    Hi Claire, what is your book ‘The Draft’ about?

  2. Hi Jennifer! Yeah, I’d maybe need to do a post on that actually, as I haven’t really mentioned anything about its content… I do seem to leave out the most obvious things sometimes! It’s probably also because I’m not used to talking about it, as I never told anyone I was writing anything until I had it written.
    Anyway, I’m just calling it ‘The Draft’ in the meantime because it isn’t finished yet, but I do have a working title (under wraps at the min) and it’s essentially a children’s fantasy novel (aimed at the 7-11 year-old age-group), inspired by the north coast and local folklore. Basically, I wanted to write a magical story which would have appealed to my younger self and hopefully to kids today as well. We’ll see what happens though!
    Once I have gone through it all and made adjustments I might post my synopsis and an extract or two, but I want to check it all over first in case I change major details.
    Thanks for asking though!